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Brandon Cass

My journey in fitness began as a child being raised in a non-traditional home. My parents were divorced when I was two and my Mom chose to move in with my grandparents.  Although my Grandparents took wonderful care of me they were not the most health conscious, my Grandma loved to fry! We would have fried steak, potatoes, gravy and good old bread and butter. Needless to say I enjoyed that kind of food a little too much. During my grade school and high school years I struggled with my weight and along with my self esteem.  Always being involved in sports growing up, I had the opportunity to play college football with a scholarship. In my first semester I ate, lifted weights, went to my classes, and played football. I was strong as an ox, and even won teen nationals in 1993, but I was slow and ballooned up to 315 lbs.

When I got to school the 2nd semester and started to take electives related to my major Biology, one class stuck out, Nutrition. So I chose to take this class.  It wasn’t too long that I realized that I had been missing something in my athletic endeavors. I began to apply what I had learned in this class along with doing tons of research on every diet I could. I then began to lose weight and my athletic career took off. I began doing cardiovascular training, along with the diet and weight training. Things continued to improve on the field and off. I even did a bodybuilding show! This was just the beginning for me, and I continued to gather information on dieting and applied it. Some things worked some didn’t.

I did the same with my exercise routine. In the fall of 1996, I decided to go back to power lifting but to be as healthy as possible in the process. The rest is history. I have 17 state titles, 4 world titles, 3 professional titles, 5 world records and in 2007 was recognized as the only power lifter in Missouri to be inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.

I am now owner of the most innovative personal training system in the area. In addition, I have been blessed to train some great athletes and wonderful people along the way. In fact my wife, Monica Cass, was a former client and as I predicted now a WNBF Figure Pro. My aim for each and every individual is to share the knowledge that I have gained over the years and apply it to their fitness goals to produce a desired effect.  I am certified as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and nutrition specialist. My wife and I live our lives in application of the profession we choose, and in turn, are always looking to improve. Our program combines time tested techniques along with cutting edge innovative systems.

Please let us show you and help you transform yourself.

Monica Cass

From the very beginning athletics have always been a part of my life.  I started playing t-ball when I was 7 and have been involved in athletics in some form or another ever since. The love of competition and pushing myself to do my best became addicting.  I played softball and volleyball in high school and was blessed to then receive a scholarship for college in softball. 

My love for athletics led me to study Physical therapy in college and in 1993 I graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy.  I specialize in orthopedics and sports medicine.  After having numerous shoulder surgeries I had to stop playing the sports I loved competitively…I missed the competition.  I decided to go to the gym and start working out.  That was all it took…I was hooked.  I loved working out and pushing myself to the limits, it was a great high. 

The competitive juices got to flowing again and I decided to compete in the Body for Life Competition, and I was a finalist. I loved the changes that my body had made and enjoyed competing once again.  At the end, I decided that I wanted to try to do a figure competition.  In my first show I placed 2nd and became hooked on figure competing.  I loved the workouts and the discipline it took to compete.  This ended up being the best decision of my life…because of figure competing I met my wonderful husband Brandon. 

Brandon became my trainer and together we pushed towards the goal of becoming a WNBF figure pro.  With a lot of hard work and determination, we made this goal a reality when I won my pro card at the Kansas City Gold’s Classic in 2006.  I later went to World’s in New York City, my first pro show, and placed 3rd.  I now want to help people push themselves beyond their limits and reach their goals, whether that is figure competing, losing weight or just getting in shape. 

Lindsy Wilson

I am a certified personal trainer and certified group aerobics instructor for over 5 years through AFAA and Pinnacle Career Institute. I attended State Fair Community College for nursing which has helped with my career now. I feel like I have been working out for as long as I can remember. I recall doing Jane Fonda in the living room with my Mom. Working out was just something that fit into my lifestyle. I chose to become a trainer so that I could empower others to learn and achieve things with their bodies they never thought possible.

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